Release: 27-04-2015
Origin: Sweden
Length: 28:15

Do I remember those days. Do you remember those times. When you still could find every record for reasonable prices at metal markets, while attending a festival. Nocturnus - The Key, Atheist - Piece of Time (even twice), Pyrexia - Sermon of Mockery and Merciless - The Awakening for around 10 Euros and original first pressing.

I even do remember a second hand store during the mid-90’s, where I bought a lot of old and obscure first pressings, among them Wombbath - Internal Caustic Torments, Burial - Relinquished Souls and also Carbonized - For The Security was available. Those were the days.

Nowadays all these obscure and rare records are highly sought and well overpaid!! Every Thrash Records release has become cult and overpaid more than 30 times its original value. Apart from this fact, what do you get, when you are willing to pay this price: Old school Swedish Death metal from the early 90’s.

Tomas Skogsberg, Sunlight Studios, Therion, Christofer Johnsson, Entombed, Lars Rosenberg, Thrash Records, Left Hand Path are all details, which will increase the rating and the value.

In retrospect a very raw sound quality, grindcore influences, outdated music style and recording techniques will decrease the rating and the value.

A classic piece of Swedish death metal history, outdated to secure the nowadays prices.





Origin: Germany
Length: 73:09

In a hurry!!! Rush, rush, RUSH! I haven’t finished a review yet, or another 10 are awaiting my attention. Mr. Mutilator is pushing the boundaries by spreading and overfilling my mailbox with new promo’s, haulix links and interview requests! Before the last review is even sent, another 5 emails are entering already…

PING… What nice and relaxing it is to hear throughout all these rush, speed and time chasing moments something new, refreshing and unknown… PING Cynic are waiting to hear from you… I am talking about Alkaloid, a new band with well known German members from bands like Obscura and Necrophagist, but also guys who played in Spawn Of Possession, God Dethroned and Aborted… PING Facebook message: The Faceless liked your review… from their (former and active) bands clearly Obscura and Necrophagist influences are very well recognizable at their debut album "The Malkuth Grimoire”, which is financed by a crowdfunding campaign… PING New Aeon Spoke is now up for download… in total 12 songs with an extraordinary length of over 73 minutes are waiting your attention…. PING Morbid Angel liked and shared Alkaloid - Cthulhu … and attention is needed here, while so many things are happening during this hour of intense, progressive and technical music… PING watch Morbid Angel's comment about their sharing Alkaloid - Cthulhu - "When you like Domination listen to these guys!!”… so no messages, whatsapp, faecesbook or messenger should withdraw your attention… PING Mr. Mutilator liked your review of Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire… isn’t there anything to comment; only maybe the fact that the music itself is so full of ideas and fast changing and ranging from technical death metal towards atmospheres and progressivness in combination with the over an hour playing time, that your observation and concentration is tiring you… PING HeavyMetalCosmos shared your review of Alkaloid… extreme prog metal...

PING Alkaloid liked your review and shared it… PING … WAIT am I going crazy here, while I am still writing at this review… PING superb technical and progressive death metal hybrid… When you like all the mentioned „PINGS” Alkaloid is definitely a must buy for you… PING … Ping … ping ...



FORGOTTEN TOMB - Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love


As it s already known depressive black/doom metal masters, Forgotten Tomb, is going to release their new album, “Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love”, on mid April 2015.

Forgotten Tomb have shown us through their rich discography they are a very talented band. For me they are the successors of Katatonia’ s tradition of “Dance Of December Souls” and "Brave Murder Day" era.

New album not refusing this tradition but also brings a new evolution. Keeping over the flag of their primal hellish doom sound, they evolve to more melodious paths and classical heavy metal forms but still they come over extreme and heavy than ever.

From the opening song “Soulless Upheaval” Forgotten Tomb make us clear their intention for more aggressive and quality sound. A quite genius track aesthetically and technical with some Dodheimsgard influences and a melodic rock solo.

Next song “King Of The Undesirables” is a mid tempo groovy track full of depression and agony that reminds me of their “Love's Burial Ground” period.

Third and best song of the album is the magnificent “Bad Dreams Come True”. A totally Hellhammer/Celtic Frost tribute track.

The following same title track is another glorious epos. Mesmerizing melodic, still doom riffs, creates a real evolutionary heavy metal horizon.

“Mislead The Snakes” is a poisonous, heavy as f..k, piece of darkness. Groovy paranormal riffs and industrial interferences mislead the unsuspecting listener to a Forgotten Tomb-ian Purgatory.

“Dread The Sundown” is a kinda typical Forgotten Tomb retro song, doom/suicidal oriented, with an obviously “Apocalyptic(al) Raid” feeling and some old- Katatonia musical themes .

“Swallow The Void” is a depressing melancholic organic, 5 min plus, closer which ends the album in a weeper manner.

Once more Forgotten Tomb managed to create a wonderful album, not far to qualify as a masterpiece. “Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love” follows Forgotten Tomb’ s beaten track tradition but still stepping farther the future.

Black Metal for centuries to come!



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