Visions of Atlantis – Maria Magdalena (EP)

(Napalm Records)  Total Time: 26:25

Release Date: October 21st, 2011

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS return with a new EP entitled “Maria Magdalena” quite soon after having released already this year the full length album “Delta”. VISIONS OF ATLANTIS need no special introduction, just for the record though I must say the band formed in 2000,following the footsteps of their beloved NIGHTWISH, under the inspiration drown from the admiration for the myth of Atlantis.

After some line- up changes (the band added in 2009 the latest Greek singer Maxi Nil and recorded the full length Delta”, while the bass player Mario Locher went his separate way earlier this year and without the intention by the band to be replaced!) VISIONS… release a new work that indicates their usual symphonic/power metal only this time a little bit heavier and harder on the guitars. The symphonic parts are being held a step behind, while the classic male/female vocal game still holds its high place as for the musical style of the band.

The EP kicks off with a well played cover of Sandra’s “Maria Magdalena” (!) done in the fast, heavy and smashing way of VISIONS… The second, out of the six tracks of the release that won me over is “Melancholia” which under its great vocal-umbrella and the sensitive melodic yet bombastic synthetic lines is surely one of the nicest spots of the release. In general the EP provides a pleasant hearing and is a fine sample of power male/female fronted metal. The “outro” “Beyond Horizon” is also a memorable ballad, with its atmospheric melodies and the ambient feel that manages to provide with its soft vocal parts- well framed by the piano and some fantastic guitar solos.

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS is a respectable European force among the power metal community and the specific release will bring joy to the ears of fans of the genre. You know who you are!



Georgia Bootsali


Isole – Born From Shadows

(Napalm Records)  Total Time: 55:34
Release Date: October 28th 2011

Swedish doom metal coming right up guys! I read somewhere that doom metal is a subgenre, but in my book it tends to hold a genre on its own, growing, evolving and getting better and better ever since its mythical foundation during the 70’s(Black Sabbath) and up to this day.

ISOLE, formed in 2004 and well known to the specific musical playground, serve the fifth full length “dish” and to say the least I am pretty full, ears and mind by this solid work. ISOLE is the case of a traditional doom metal band… The album entitled “Born from Shadows”   manages to hold all the right balances between interesting and “been there, done that” keeping your interest high all through the hearing.Seven tracks full of slow beat melodies, melodramatic guitar sections and wonderful, evocative vocal performance, with normal time duration each, give a melancholic in a good way, mind-travelling album; perhaps one could not easily pick one of these tracks as a musical hit of the release, the nice arrangements and the fare dealing of the synthesis will make amends for sure though. A few surprises won’t be missed in here…meaning the use of brutal vocals and black metal touches here and there.

I enjoyed greatly the specific hearing… Fantastic production, the feeling of an important album and the dark melodic atmosphere kept me emotionally arisen while the cold outside my window matched perfectly the haunting tunes of ISOLE…

Georgia Bootsali


REASON INSIDE - Define Life(demo)


Trying to find a reason for this musical effort, as I looked deep inside under the surface, I saw an interesting answer. The answer is given by the young – average age is 20 years- group of the promising and talented musicians that part REASON INSIDE. The band was formed around 2009 and this demo is the first studio attempt. Hailing from Larissa, Greece, REASON INSIDE despite their young age, present a wonderful work, aiming to a contract with a major label… and why not?

The best part about this three-track demo is that despite the many influences found in the band’s sound, one can at once detect the personal character of the band. The musical style moves from progressive to alternative metal, under an umbrella of melancholy, coming from the dramatic vocal interpretation and the agonizing guitar riffs. The synthesis in all of the three tracks is solid and specific, leaving no questions as for the musical direction and the general feeling that the band wants to spread through its music.

The opening track is the explosive “Butterfly on a Wheel”, with doom elements and quite memorable refrain and nice distorted guitars. Rhythm rotates and the clean cuts provide great dynamics. The second one is the “hit” track of the demo, presenting a catchy melodic ballad, nicely distorted as always; the production is quite good but especially in this one a shinny production could bring out the power of the track better. Again Konstantinos Zacharakis vocals manage to steal my enthusiasm and fairly! The last song is “Insomnia”. It follows the steps of the previous tracks only in here the grungy guitar solos uplift the guitar work giving more aggressive attitude.

The promising REASON INSIDE give loads of hope as for the local scene and hopefully a label will appreciate their special gifts, overcoming the difficult economic stops in discography. The identity as a unique musical creature is obvious. The audience to appreciate it is still wanted...


Georgia Bootsali


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