Release: 27-02-2015
Origin: United Kingdom
Length: XX:XX

To be honest after their first nouveau gloaming release I haven’t followed and listened to Code anymore. Now many years later they cross my timeline again and I am shattered and impressed by the beauty, sadness and desperation of their 4th release “Mut”.

Since I am not familiar with the previous two releases, it is my personal task to transform their past into my future. Judging from other’s reactions Code already changed, reshaped and recreated their progressive black metal past into a progressive blackened rock style of metal… or better speaking music.

For me personally the impression is incredible and musically more open and outstretching. An intergalactic trip guided by Tiamat and Pink Floyd atmospheres, Anathema’s melancholy of their later albums, Arcturus’ vocal approach, Katatonia’s depressive moods and a very progressive and theatrical way of performing songs (Hell and King Crimson). Especially King Crimson has this same style of singing and adding a psychedelic touch to their music.

On the other hand all these moods, senses and atmospheres are overwhelming and make it very hard to rate this album as a masterpiece, while the connections and overall composition is lacking this final “punch”, which for example Anathema has reached on their latest albums. These moments are only there sporadic, for example at “Inland Sea”, but not hearable during the complete album.

Still, when you are you familiar with the discography of Code, you are open minded and like some of the aforementioned bands, you are interested in progressive atmospherically (blackened) metal or you just want to hear something else, crack the Code and enjoy this album.

This music still has so many side-effects that it will never leave you untouched. Mind moving music…






The issue with the Swedes is that eventually is something in the water over there. Definitely, there is something magic in Sweden's water, otherwise it cannot be explained how they manage to release every year so many bands and notable releases. Last Autumn's Dream comes also from Sweden and it is one of the few bands that within relatively few years of their existence (counts 10 years of life) appears today in the music business with a brand new album which is entitled "Level Eleven". And as you all can assume it's their eleventh official album. Not bad at all, would I dare to say.

Their music is simple, highly melodic and includes brilliant performances thanks to the great voice of Mikael Erlandsson, catchy and memorable choruses and generally each and every single release from these guys sounds pleasant. Besides, from their classes passed musicians like Marcel Jacob (R.I.P.)of Talisman and Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Leven of Europe. The 'escape' of their lead guitarist and founding member Andy Malecek, for personal issues in 2014 , he did not discourage the other members of LAD and thus he returned to the music scene with the fresh "Level Eleven".

A quite strong start with the fast-paced rocker of "Kiss Me" to follow a typical Last Autumn's Dream track; "Follow Your Heart" is what every fan of the melodic rock scene asks for; an up-tempo monstrous tune with tons of melody, a clever chorus line to sing-a-log and a feel-good vibe in it!  "I'll Be There For You", "Go Go Go-Get Ready For The Show" and "Delirious" are all three great samples of a band that is not compatible with the new trends and fashions of music and the only thing that knows is how to deliver catchy and well-crafted melodic rock.

Well-played, beautiful and extremely melodic disc that comes to add nicely next to the other very good albums of Last Autumn's Dream.


Last Autumn's Dream - Losing You




Release: 27-02-2015
Origin: Sweden
Length: 22:03

Five years after the destruction of the world, Trident returns with a new EP called: Shadows. Not only destruction outside, but also inside the band lead to some line-up changes. Former Bass player, drummer and vocalist have been put in the shadows and new members are taking over the jaws of Satan.

Among them the drummer of Death Tyrant and former drummer of The Cold Existence. Combined with the past of guitarist Reaper, better known as Johan Norman, influences of his former bands Dissection, Sacramentum and Soulreaper are enshadowing the musical direction of Trident.

Don’t expect a complete Dissection worship, but a different and modern version of melodic black metal with a touch of death metal.

The four songs of this EP are calling out for Lucifer. Especially I would like to mention the vocalist Samhain, who did an excellent job to step out of the shadows of their former singer Tobias Sidegard. His contribution shines throughout the songs and raises the level of intensity, melody and aggression towards new infernal heights or depth so you want.

No mercy for the:

Trident… fear the return

X-rating: */10



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