Release:     28-01-2013
Origin:     The Netherlands
Length:     29:55

Yes, Yes, Yes! I know this one is already out for some months, but when 2013 starts like this and Centurian is a sign for the quality and exclusivity of the death metal genre, it is still worth every written word of praise!

After an absence of 12 years the previous beast Nox has transformed into Centurian once more. The former tentacles Niels Adams, Seth Van Loo, Patrick Boleij and Rob Oorthuis have combined forces and blood to embrace, estrange and harmonise a new structure “Contra Rationem”.

Centurian’s third full length contains 9 blasphemous and occult rituals in the best Morbid Angel’s “Heretic” and “Formulas …” tradition, Hate Eternal’s extreme technical and reversed approach and Deicide’s early intensity and darkness. Youngsters will find haunting traces of Behemoth and Krisiun to satisfy their ungodly needs.

Some outstanding chapters are the outspoken words by duo vocalists Adams and Van Loo and the overall sound (mix) of the music. This first time combination adds a cruel and intense atmosphere to the music, reminding me of Mr. Benton’s personal highlights: the first three Deicide albums. The primitive and distinct sound mixing contributes to an haunting and exceptional musical experience; drums, guitars and vocals are in complete harmony and with an attitude that Morbid Angel has lost since their departure of Rutan.

Considering “Contra Rationem”, it is great to have Centurian back in full operation and for the future they might be able to set new death metal standards, where (reformed) others have failed so far.

Half an hour of pure, intense and blasphemous death metal! Praise the lords of contra reason!







Release: 26-04-2013
Origin: Austria
Length: 37:35

A Pungent Stench unfortunately stopped dripping and smelling since 2007, meanwhile the tunes of Hollenthon and many other projections of musical master zombie Martin Schirenc took over his life. Since 2011 death returned to his d(r)eadful corpse and metal was finally diagnosed as a decease.

Complete resurrection is now guaranteed with his second cum (un)done as a "Homo Gusticus". 10 manifestations of dead, horror and zombielicious (misfor)tunes or should we say disformedtunes.

After the first fresh meals served, mostly the flavor of the already mentioned Pungent Stench remains. Schirenc vocals, combined with his tasty lyrics and musical similarities are fully present during this delicious course.

Furthermore it takes more zombies to complete the horde and also Wolfgang Rothbauer (Disbelief) and new fresh meat Martin Arzberger and Florian Musil are contributing and spicing up this zombie death metal plate. When chef cook Dan Swanö is butchering and adding his special sound ingredients from the cuisine Unisound; one can be sure that the Zombie is well incorp(s)orated with clearness, clarity and an oppressive sound.

All in all a luscious continuation and a savory piece of death metal. Check out there feacesbook for more disgusting updates and musickness or there own youtube (k)anal

A delicious zombie well (de)served…





Release: 29-03-2013
Origin: Sweden
Length: 21:41

It takes courage to release your album on this Discouraged Records and also courage to come up with a name like Terrortory. As for the name and for the label both I have never heard of before, despite the fact that the band already exists for more than 12 years, the music as for the band name will remain unoriginal.

A terrorizing combination of Soilwork's thrash and Dark Tranquillity's melody, blended with a little touch of Meshuggah's technical brilliancy and In Flames' clear and pressing sound.

Yes to agree: these aren't bad names to be compared with, but after several rounds in the city the four songs remain typical, undefined and uninspired. After more than a decade of existence being able to listen to one full length "The Seed Left Behind" and this new EP, proves to me that Terrortory remains infertile to produce an outstanding thrash posterity.

X-rating: */10



Σελίδα 9 από 233

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