SIX FEET UNDER releases third and final single 'Neuro Osmosis' of new album 'Unborn'

Death metal behemoths SIX FEET UNDER are back, and with the seething "Unborn", the tenth full-length of their imposing career, they are out for blood. Led by the inimitable Chris Barnes, owner of one of the most powerful and instantly recognizable voices in the genre, the band are returning with an overhauled line up that sees them reinvigorated and churning out some of the most visceral music they have ever put their name to.

Surf now over to at THIS location to witness the world exclusive premiere of "Neuro Osmosis"!

The lyric video for Zombie Blood Curse, the first track to be loosed from "Unborn", is streaming now at While there, fans can also pre-order their copies.

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NEUROTIC DEATHFEST Confirms more bands

The Neurotic Deathfest have confirmed five new bands for this years festival. Added to the ever growing line up are:


Here's the line-up so far:

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MYSTIC PROPHECY: Digital Compilation‏

MYSTIC PROPHECY have recently entered the studio to record their 8th studio album!

After the successful album "Ravenlord" the five prophets accept the challenge to create another piece of precious metal.

To shorten the waiting time, the band will release a digital compilation next month!

"Best Of Prophecy Years" will contain the following 12 tracks:
1. Ravenlord
2. Hollow
3. Eyes Of The Devil
4. We Kill You Die
5. To The Devil I Pray
6. Across The Gates Of Hell
7. Demons Blood
8. Dark Forces
9. Satanic Curses
10. Evil Empires
11. Savage Souls
12. Master Of Sins

Anestis Goudas (Derz Design) is responsible for the artwork of the compilation.

You can already listen to snippets here!

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A Conversation with Fenriz By Chad Bowar,

The legendary Darkthrone just released their latest opus The Underground Resistance, which received great reviews. Chad Bowar of the famous site caught up with the always entertaining Fenriz, who gets us caught up on what the band is up to.

Chad Bowar: How did the songwriting and recording process for The Underground Resistance compare to other recent Darkthrone albums?
Fenriz: It pretty much continued where we left off. The first two songs were made and recorded even before Circle the Wagons was out for sale. Then things came to a halt as we both got new girlfriends and life altering situations thereof. but all the while we were writing, more or less.

A song might take years to put together, but when we meet to record, it's taught to the other person and we record basic tracks within an hour or two. After we got our second wind of releasing albums in 1999, we released 8 albums in 11 years then, and I think a break would materialize in 2010 anyway.

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U.D.O. unveil tracklisting of new album “Steelhammer”!

German Heavy Metal masters U.D.O. have unveiled the tracklisting of their upcoming studio album “Steelhammer” (to be released on May 24th in Europe, May 21st USA).

01. Steelhammer
02. A Cry Of A Nation
03. Metal Machine
04. Basta Ya
05. Heavy Rain
06. Devil's Bite
07. Death Ride
08. King Of Mean
09. Timekeeper
10. Never Cross My Way
11. Take My Medicine
12. Stay True
13. When Love Becomes A Lie
14. Book Of Faith

Bonus track on ltd. Digipak: Shadows Come Alive

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THY ART IS MURDER - Second Track-By-Track Video Posted Online

Australia’s hottest new extreme metal export, THY ART IS MURDER, have uploaded the second part of their track-by-track video series.

Watch the band discuss the inception of such songs as “Shadow Of Eternal Sin”, “Immolation” and “Infinite Forms” &feature=player_embedded" target="_blank">here:

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AMORPHIS – post final „Circle“ studio report!

Finnish kings of melancholic dark metal, AMORPHIS, have released the fourth and final studio report for the band's umpcoming album, „Circle“.

„Circle“ was produced and mixed by legendary producer/musician Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN) and is set to be unleashed April 19, 2013 via Nuclear Blast.

Check the studioreport below!

The first single off the album, „Hopeless Days“, is also available now as CD single and can exclusively be purchased at the Nuclear Blast Mailorder or digitally via

Pre-order „Circle“ HERE!

Also check out:
&" target="_blank">„Hopeless Days“ lyric video

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DARK SERMON – release first song!

Tampa metallers DARK SERMON have dropped their first single called "Imperfect Contrition." The single is the first off their all new LP, "In Tongues," (out: April 12).

The fast, riff-oriented track will instantly cause spontaneous headbanging in metalheads around the globe, particularly with its hooky breakdown.

Check it out below!

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IMMOLATION: Album Cover and Track Listing Unveiled!

New York death metal legends, IMMOLATION, have unveiled the artwork and track listing for their upcoming ninth full-length album "Kingdom of Conspiracy". The cover imagery was brought to life this time by no less than Pär Olofsson (IMMORTAL, THE FACELESS, ABYSMAL DAWN). “The figures in the artwork have all been bound and chained and have their eyes and mouths sewn shut symbolically, showing the chilling of speech and the intentional blinding of the masses,” explains guitarist Robert Vigna. “They all make up the huge ominous structure behind them, which is symbolic of the growing security state as well as our failing structures today, and how they are slowly and methodically consuming and controlling us all. It has a very Orwellian feel to it, which is what we were going for since the album is very dark in a slightly different way.”

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Anvil Announce New LP

Anvil Announce New LP "Hope In Hell" Set To Released on May 28th via The End Records‏

"Turns out Anvil raced at thrash tempos before disciples like Metallica did; they also balanced chops, hooks and pervy humor in ways speed metal was too serious for" - Rolling Stone


The End Records is happy to announce the new LP from rock legends, Anvil, entitled Hope In Hell.  Set for release on May 28th, 2013, this is the follow up to the band's 2011 release Juggernaut Of Justice.

Their 2009 documentary The Story Of Anvil has made them famous the world over, following seemingly endless years of energy-sapping tours de force marked by dismal organizational conditions. Their albums are considered landmarks among a musical genre which is otherwise successively losing its identity. Now Canadian cult metal act Anvil are back with their new studio recording Hope In Hell. The album presents guitarist/vocalist Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow, drummer Robb Reiner and their new bassist Sal Italiano in top form, highly dynamic and full of energy from the first to the last note. “We’re really proud and already love the new album just as much as our early releases from the beginning of the eighties, because Hope In Hell sounds like Anvil live on stage: natural, honest, unvarnished, never over-produced and straight from the heart.”

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